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Wow! Bisoshi has been loved by repeater fans for over 20 years.

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What is the secret of the Bisoshithat repeaters love?As I write this blog, I, 55 years old,  have been using “Bisoshi” for about 10 years.

As I write this blog, I, 55 years old, have been using “Bisoshi” for about 10 years.

Let’s dig a little deeper about “Bisoshi”.

First, about “Bisoshi” paper.

Bisoshi has a structure in which two types of long fibers are entwined in a mesh pattern.

Finely crushed natural ore zeolite and tourmaline are plowed into the paper.

>>About “Bisoshi”.

About the function of paper.

When you dip the paper in water, squeeze it lightly, wrap it around your fingers and put it on your face repeatedly, the fibers of the paper remove sebum from the skin and dirt that could not be removed by washing the face.

The paper is very durable and won’t let go once it’s taken dirt in.

About the function of natural ore.

Zeolites adsorb and remove sebum, dirt, dandruff and sweat components. It has the property of trying to send water into the pores.
It has ion exchange characteristics and also has the function of purifying and softening water.

Tourmaline has many main characteristics such as purification of air and water, deodorizin /deodorizing/sterilizing effect, and keeping freshness, but it improves blood circulation and promotes metabolism by the action of far infrared rays.

The negative ion effect activates skin cells and brings out the original power of the skin.

>>Why is her skin so beautiful?

About the water used.

Basically, tap water is okay.
This is because of the function of natural ore.

You may use mineral water or carbonated water if you like.

You also can soak the paper the lotion you normally use and stick it on the part you care, and use it as a pack.
As the above, the content is simple, but only repeaters know its goodness.