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It was persuasive because that She has a such a beautiful skin.

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I’ve been searching for the perfect cosmetics for myself since I can’t remember it for a long time.

I always checked the recommended information on the net and the top 10 popularity rankings in many ways. Or, I’ve spent hours and hours at the cosmetics section in drug stores, forgetting time.

But, how about if someone with overwhelmingly beautiful skin comes up to you and recommends a skin care product, will your feelings not move?

As I write this blog, I, 55 years old, have been using “Bisoshi” for about 10 years.

Since the beauty of her skin was outstanding, it was a natural for me to ask her  about her skin care product and also why Japanese paper “Washi” and water.


If her skin wasn’t beautiful enough, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now. It was persuasive and also a strong message for me to think about why Ms.Nozaki decided to make this product, “Bisoshi”. Every cosmetic product has a message for users. The most notable thing about this “Bisoshi” is for anyone. Ms.Nozaki has a strong will for a product that shoud be used by anyone from babies to the elderly, also people with sensitive skins.
Please think about it. May cosmetics contain many kind of ingredients, and when you read the label sticker, you’ll see the huge amount of information on back or its packages. Can it be used by babies, the elderly, and people with sensitive skins ?

About “Bisoshi”.

What is the “Bisoshi” made of ? One is Japanese “Washi” and two types of natural ore.

Now, what is this “Bisoshi” made of ? It is made of Japanese “Washi” and two types of natural ore, tormaline and zeolite which are finely crused and squeezed into Japanese paper “Washi”. By finely crushing these ore and squeezing it into Japanese paper “Washi”, this “Bisoshi” is transformed into a special product. She figured out when she these tormarine and zeolite will be melted into the water when use, and make the water work effectively for skin.

What is the secret of the “Bisoshi” that repeaters love?

And above all, thanks to its simple contents, “skin care products that anyone can use” have been completed.