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Water make your skin clear & healthier with Japanese “Washi”.

eyecatch Business Diary

When you meet people, what do you look at first?

The first thing I do is to quickly observe the face and facial expression.

What catch your eye next, then?

Don’t you think that it makes big difference when you see someone with beautiful skin or gorgeous hair or a smile with white shiny teeth?

As I write this blog, I, 55 years old, have been using “Bisoshi” for about 10 years.

Encounter with a Japanese paper ”Washi” artist, Ms. Nozaki, who has such a beautiful skin, make a skin care product with using “Washi” which need only water.

The first impression I had was what a beautiful skin she has!when I met Ms. Fushimi Nozaki, who is a Japanese paper “Washi” artist and developed skin care product “Bisoshi” which is used Japanese paper.

At first glance, Ms. Nozaki gave off a gorgeous aura, and I actually thought she was an celebrity in some industry. The beauty of her skin was outstanding

Her skin was shining and transparent, and seemed that it was moisturized and rich, and even though it was my first time meeting, I almost felt like to ask her if I could touch her skin. I’m so glad that I didn’t !

But, I guarantee that if you meet Ms. Nozaki, you will surely want to ask her, “What kind of skin care should I do to make my skin look as beautiful as you?”

Why is her skin so beautiful?

What is “Bisoshi” that can be used for skin care with using only water and how to use them?

At that time when I met Ms.Nozaki, I was introduced “ Bisoshi” for the very first time.

I was even more surprised to hear the story.  She said that she developed Japanese paper “Washi” that can be used for skin care with only water.

“Washi” is familiar to us Japanese people, from the ones used in everyday life to the traditional crafts, but it was surprising to me that this’s for skin care.  Is it true? I was honestly skeptical.

However, once Ms. Nozaki is demonstrating how to use Bisoshi, I can tell that she is actuallys using it on daily bases. She soaked Bisoshi in a bowl filled with water, squeezed it lightly, wrapped it around her fingers and gently and gracefully put her face on it repeatedly, and talked about the wonderfulness of Bisoshi.

What is the secret of the “Bisoshi” that repeaters love?

What is the secret to make your skin more beautiful and healthier with just water and Japanese paper “Washi”?  What made her want to create a skin care product, Bisoshi?

How was Bisoshi paper born?

As I mentioned at the beginning, Ms. Nozaki is a Japanese paper artist who lives in Shimane prefecture and is active in the world.  Throuth her creative activities, besides works, she noticed that she was often praised her hands, so smooth and beautiful. Since it was so often, she started to think about why.

As you may know, Washi paper is very durable. She casually uses the small pieces of Washi from the work, for wiping her wet hands or to moisten them for cleaning.

One day, she suddenly came up with the idea that ”Washi” might be a reason for that.

She became to think that If this works for my hands, why not use it on my face?

This was the first step for the birth of Bisoshi.