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Unique Product.

Skin care with only water!

Wanting to help people in the world who suffer from skin problems.

Bisoshi paper is made with the strong desire of Fushimi Nozaki, a Japanese paper craft artist living in Shimane Prefecture.

Water that we all use to wash our faces has encountered this Japanese paper, making it possible to provide effective skin care with absolutely no waste.

Is it true?

Is it really true that only water is used? To be honest, I doubted it.

The world is full of skin care products, from cheap cosmetics to high-end products used by celebrities. Magazines, the Internet, popular YouTube videos, the list of information and options is endless. In such a situation, it was hard to believe that I could take care of my skin with only Japanese paper and water.

But then I encountered this product. “Bisoshi” paper is a product that really uses water only.

What is Bisoshi Paper?

Bisoshi is a skin care paper invented by Ms. Fushimi Nozaki, a Japanese paper craft artist living in Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture, and the representative of Fushimi Washi Art Laboratory Corporation. The Izumo Washi (Japanese paper) used in this product contains finely ground (0.0003 to 0.0005μ) natural mineral zeolite and tourmaline. The Washi is made of two types of long fibers carefully extracted by hand and intertwined in a mesh-like pattern. When the Washi is moistened, it becomes suitable for removing sebum, dirt, dandruff, fine dust and dirt, and makeup residue that cannot be removed by facial cleansing. Since it uses only natural ingredients without any chemicals, it is as gentle as possible on the environment and your skin.

Before and After

Image before use


After removing make-up and washing face, patted the face with water-soaked Bisoshi for 3 minutes.

Image after use


The washi paper striped away the dirt. (photo data magnification 200x)

About the mineral



Zeolite is a natural mineral known by the scientific name “boiling stone,” and the Iwami region of Shimane Prefecture has the highest production of high-quality natural zeolite in Japan. Zeolite has been the focus of much attention and research because of the rapid growth of plants that grow in this stratum, and it emits negative ions, which are called the “vitamins of the air.”

Zeolite has countless small pores of micron size (0.4 to 0.8nm/1nm=1 billionth of a meter) that are invisible to the eye, and functions like a sieve to separate materials at the molecular level. It has the ability to absorb wastes from the skin, salts of sweat, and has a deodorizing effect by absorbing odors. It also has ion-exchange properties and can purify and soften water.


Tourmaline is a natural mineral that has a wide range of properties, including air and water purification, deodorization, bactericidal effects, and freshness preservation. Tourmaline emits far-infrared rays, which warms the cells from the core of the body, improves blood circulation, activates metabolism, and activates cells, so it has the power to work on and activate the skin on a cellular level. The official name of tourmaline is “electric stone,” and it has the property of electrolyzing water and moisture in the air by the action of a weak electric current, and purifying water by generating negative ions, thus regulating the condition of water.

How to use

It’s easy to use.

How to use 1


Moisten the paper with plenty of water or lukewarm water, and gently squeeze it.

How to use 2


Hold the paper between your fingers and wipe the skin off by gently caressing.

NOTE: It is recommended to wrap it around two fingers (index and middle fingers, or middle and ring fingers).

How to use 3


Gently pat on the entire face after cleansing.

Just repeat moisturizing and patting your neck, lower neck, and any other part of your body you like.

After that, just apply your usual lotion or cream and you’re done!

When the paper loses its water content, simply soak it in as much water as you need and squeeze it gently.

Patting can be done for 3 to 10 minutes.

If you have time, try to pat your skin while soaking in the bathtub during bath time or watching TV. You will further appreciate the effect it has on your skin.

Skin problems are often caused by dryness.

When the skin is dry, it secretes oil (sebum) to keep it moisturized.

Then, dust and dirt get on the sebum, and the oil and cosmetics that are not removed by cleansing cause a vicious cycle that leads to further skin problems. The skin’s own self-healing power also declines.

When you pat your skin with facial Washi, the Washi removes the dirt, restores your skin’s natural recovery power, and makes your skin plump and moisturized with the effects of zeolite and tourmaline.

The only thing you shouldn’t do!

Don’t use it when it is dry and don’t rub it hard because it will damage your skin.

For hygienic reasons, once you use it, do not use it again.

NOTE: If you notice any skin problems during or after use, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Great for more than just skin care!

There are many more uses for this product besides skin care.

You can also use it to massage your gums or care for the inside of your mouth by wrapping it around your fingers.

Gently wipe off the scalp surface to eliminate sebum stains.

As the dirt in the pores is removed, the health of the hair is improved.

After patting your face, you can also use it to prevent odor in your underarms and between your toes

Don’t throw away the water that was filled in facial Washi!

Use it on your houseplants and flowers. The zeolite and tourmaline dissolved in the water will revitalize your plants and flowers!

After using it on your skin, you can use it to clean your house.

You can put the dried Washi in a mesh bag and put the bag in your shoes to deodorize them. This is an excellent product that can be used up to the very end

This product does not have an immediate effect.

It is a product that you can use every day to relax and pat on your skin, and one day you will notice a change in your skin.

This is a product that should be tried by everyone from babies to the elderly, people with weak skin who cannot use chemicals or cosmetics, and people who always wear heavy makeup.